Baby on the Way

Sutton's Bridal Shower

With the countdown on to Tyson and Sutton's wedding, my mom and I were excited to make a quick trip to Maryland in June to join Sutton's family for a Hawaiian-themed bridal shower. With delicious food, thoughtful gifts and funny games, we had a great time getting to know her family and celebrating Sutton. Can't wait to have another girl join the family!

Fall at a Glance

This year I was SO looking forward to fall. The colorful leaves in Central Park. The cooler weather with less humidity. The seasonal treats and smells. However, I feel like I blinked and missed it all! Time is flying by. Work has been too busy. Where did September, October and November go? This picture of our Halloween pumpkins explains my feelings perfectly.....still sitting in the windowsill waiting for someone to carve them as a result of time passing by too quickly.

Just like I finally had to toss my un-carved and neglected pumpkins away with the arrival of December, I suppose the best way to provide a fall recap is to literally throw out snapshots in hopes the pictures will remind me that I did have somewhat of a "fall experience".

rowboats in Central Park = new favorite fall activity

delicious cherries spotted in Chinatown

taking a private plane to Boston + riding cockpit for landing

falling in love with Boston

proud of dad for his HR Executive of the Year award

deer sightings in NJ from the living room window

late night fro-yo date night

mummy cupcakes for our primary kiddos

ladies night

my quietest morning walk to church EVER, just hours before the NYC marathon

NYC marathon passing right by my apartment

hanging out with this cool kid during a quick Utah trip

watching this dancing diva perform
sweater shopping + jamba juice smoothies

Sister Selfies

Hey Sis: Remember that day we thought we were SO funny for taking "selfies" on TJ's phone when he wasn't looking? Yep. We make quite the pair!

1 Year Anniversary at UpSpring PR

Happy one year anniversary to me! Today marks my little work milestone. For somewhat stumbling into this job, I certainly consider myself lucky to be able to look back and reflect on a year full of awesome co-workers and bosses, fun clients, and challenging, yet rewarding moments.

This is hands down the job that has pushed me harder than any other position I've ever had. Per life at a agency, I've had to for real learn how to juggle like 50 things at any given time. I've had to hone my writing skills to a T. I've had to think outside of the box. I've enjoyed building friendships and relationships with my clients. I've had to be creative and strategic all at the same time. I've had to learn more about architecture and interior design than I ever thought I would need to know. I've had to step up my game in the research skills department. I've learned how to manage social media accounts for businesses. I've built some intense press lists. I've become crazy organized in everything from my daily to-do lists to weekly client updates. I've learned how to manage and train interns. And my favorite, I've experienced firsthand our company motto of "work hard, play hard".

I've really enjoyed working at a New York City PR agency and look forward to what this year will bring!

Take Me To AZ

TJ and I were overdue for a trip to AZ. Our last visit was Christmas with the Stone's so we picked a random time in September - that happened to coincide with my birthday - to hop on plane toward sunnier skies, extra space, peace and quiet. The best part about this trip? TJ didn't work at all. Like AT ALL. It was a miracle. What's funny, is that I worked a little bit each day instead. Talk about reversing the norm. We spent a great week that included lots of quality time with his mom and brother, and even got to see a couple old friends from our high school days. 

our forecast for the week

Coyotes game with Austin

watching Austin's roller hockey game

Austin's fan section...

...and the other half

TJ's new best friend #babymghumps

Out to dinner celebrating the birthday girl

birthday twins with sweet Siena

our hot date night with Zack and Chantelle at Ruth's Chris Steak House

Boston Crush

I have a huge crush on the city of Boston. Call it love at first sight. In October, I had the opportunity to go on a very quick to Boston to attend an awards dinner honoring my dad for being named the 2013 HR Executive of the Year. GO DAD!

Needless to say I was the proudest daughter in the room, but I was also caught off guard by how head-over-heels I fell for Boston. A day and a half was NOT enough to soak it all in. I even told TJ that he should start looking for a new job there...until he reminded me that it gets even colder there than it does in New York City. Hmmm. Good point. Regardless, a return trip is definitely in order.

During our one free afternoon, before the award ceremony, we hopped on a trolley ride that took us for a brief tour around the city.

That evening we got all dressed up. It made for an excellent excuse to buy a fancy new dress. A girl certainly can't complain about that. We ate fine food and clapped for my dad as he was honored for being the big cheese.