Take Me To AZ

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

TJ and I were overdue for a trip to AZ. Our last visit was Christmas with the Stone's so we picked a random time in September - that happened to coincide with my birthday - to hop on plane toward sunnier skies, extra space, peace and quiet. The best part about this trip? TJ didn't work at all. Like AT ALL. It was a miracle. What's funny, is that I worked a little bit each day instead. Talk about reversing the norm. We spent a great week that included lots of quality time with his mom and brother, and even got to see a couple old friends from our high school days. 

our forecast for the week

Coyotes game with Austin

watching Austin's roller hockey game

Austin's fan section...

...and the other half

TJ's new best friend #babymghumps

Out to dinner celebrating the birthday girl

birthday twins with sweet Siena

our hot date night with Zack and Chantelle at Ruth's Chris Steak House


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