Dominican Republic Part 3: Sand in Our Toes

Saturday, August 10, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

This vacation wouldn't have been complete without getting in plenty of beach time. And that we did. We were really good beach bums in fact.

The water was so blue and refreshing, and the sand was soft and clean. We had lots of long chats lounging on the beach under our straw umbrellas, or enjoying the waves in the water. It was a dream come true.

One of my favorite pictures of us from this trip :)

We love our friends.


The boys both had a happy dance for us to watch on our first day at the beach.

Let's hit this water stat.

Just look at that beautiful sand and water!

Doesn't get better than a nice nap next to the ocean

Girls getting some sun, boys chillin' enjoying a view of the ocean...oh and their wives of course!

The chicas

It would be a shame to go to the beach without getting some jumping pictures.

I'm never going to want to leave...

Is it weird that I love this photo because of the people in the background? It helps me remember how much fun people watching can be!

Trevor SWEARS the coke tastes better in Punta Cana. Us girls sent off the boys to go get us drinks and they came back with "tiki man" necklaces.

We had a few rain storms in the afternoons - but it didn't ruin a thing.

Punta Cana love.

Might be hard to tell - but this picture was staged just so we could have one of "James Bond"


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