Thanksgiving 2012

Saturday, December 01, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Thanksgiving was great. We spent a couple days relaxing and hanging with my family in Jersey.

Our little holiday break included both of my brothers home from college, staying up late playing Wii, sleeping in, eating lots of good food, a couple trips to the movies (a James family tradition to go to a movie on Thanksgiving day), and just spending time together. I must also admit it was nice not to have to make a big trip out of a short holiday break. This was the first time in years, that we haven't had to stress about flying across the country or driving all day to get to family. I feel lucky we live so close now!

Of course, we are never good at taking pictures (but I tried) so I'll let the pics tell the rest of the story.

Marissa made some pretty delicious chocolate chip pancakes.

Shawn's role in the family at Thanksgiving: stuffing the turkey.  Way to go brother.

I made the pies! Yum!

Marissa made our table look pretty snazzy. She always decorates the table for any special occasions.

Up close on Marissa's table decorations.

Tyson, Shawn and Marissa getting distracted in the kitchen.

I made them stand by this creepy face...

After watching Marissa at her dance performance. She was the best dancer for sure.

Two sisters sneaking out while the boys watched football to go see the new Twilight movie!
Yeah, we were thirsty at our girls night out movie session.

Found this on my iPhone. Guess Marissa took it while the four of us were totally absorbed in our game. Our faces are hilarious! I'm either concentrating really hard or losing...

Someone had fun with my iPhone!
TJ thought he would be the photographer for a minute during our quick family photo session. 

The boys

The girls

Last but not least, my lovely parents.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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