Because He Loves Them

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Is there something you get for your spouse, a family member or friend solely because they love it and you don't like it at all?

We have a situation like that around our house. Tomatoes. I just really don't like them. Never have. I will say I have come around a little and will eat them in small pieces mixed in with something else every now and then, but I'm still not a huge fan.

On the other hand, TJ loves tomatoes. So I buy them for him. When we first got married I wouldn't even try to pick them out. How would I know how to pick 'em? Now I am a pro. I get a couple tomatoes each time I go to the store so that he always has a little stash. 

The things we do for the ones we love. 


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