Happy 3 Years To Us!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 1 Comments

Today is our 3-year Anniversary!

TJ and I have officially hit the three year mark. We first started dating about seven years ago as juniors in high school. Now here we are. Mr. and Mrs. Stone, growing as individuals and as a couple together. In honor of this special day I have put some thoughts together...in groups of three of course!

Three Best Memories So Far:
1. Starting our newlywed life together in a little basement apartment...AND starting post-college life in a little New York studio apartment. Similar living spaces but at least TJ's head isn't so close to the ceiling anymore. We joke, but love getting cozy with just the two of us!
2. Moving to New York City.
3. All the simple moments such as date nights, Netflix marathons and smoothies made by TJ.

Three Things You May Not Know About Us:
1. TJ still checks the weather forecast for Phoenix, AZ almost daily even though we haven't lived there in years. Every morning he says almost the exact same thing: "Just look at how beautiful it is in AZ! I could be golfing!"
2. We have a pretty great routine down for lazy weekends. TJ watches ESPN non-stop, while I read a book/craft/scrapbook/blog/Facebook/Pinterest/etc.
3. Neither of us ever want a dog. Sorry future Stone family kids.

Three Nicknames We Have For Each Other:
1. Hub Sauce
2. Wifey and Hubby
3. (TJ's contribution to this post...) Girly, Baby, G-unit, Dorkwad, Sexy, Sassafras, Hun, Honey

Three Of Our Wishes:
1. To one day get to travel the world, including a trip to Paraguay (TJ's mission area)
2. To celebrate each anniversary with a trip just like our honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. Not happening so far, but we can wish right?!
3. That a Cafe Rio or Costa Vida restaurant would always relocate to whatever city we reside in.

Happy Three Years to Us!

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  1. Dorkwad, lol! P.S. There are a few Cafe Rio's here in the DC area! Crazy, huh? Only about a 4 hour drive for you...worth it. At least I think so. :)


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