Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Friday, December 07, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

The Christmas spirit is definitely sneaking into our lives little-by-little as we are now into December. I love it. It might sound silly if you don't live here, or have never been to New York, but there really is something kinda magical about Christmas time here.

We see decked out trees, wreaths, lights and store window displays galore.

We have a mini-New-York-style tree lot right outside our apartment building I love walking past each night on my way home and smelling the fresh pine.

I made a fresh Christmas wreath at a Relief Society activity last week for our front door. What a cool tradition for a ward to do, right? I guess they figure some people may not have room for a tree, but everyone can find room for a wreath!

However, most exciting of all was our recent ice skating experience at Bryant park. We met up with a couple friends for skating in the park. Yes, it was crazy, a little crowded and cold, but we had dressed warm. The ambiance of the park really was magical. There are little shops set up around the rink, and a huge tree as the focal point, all decorated and lit up. It was definitely on our NYC bucket list of things to do, and I loved it. 

While the people whizzing past me made me a little nervous, it was pretty crazy to think we were there skating around to Christmas tunes in the middle of a park, in the middle of Manhattan. Let's just say it was hands down probably the coolest ice-skating experience I may ever have.


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