The Past Few Days

Thursday, November 08, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

What a past few weeks this has been. Whew.

The hurricane, city life, adjusting to a new job, the election, more stormy weather, did I mention the stress of a new job?! Maybe some of that will explain why all I have to show for the past few days are a couple of random, blurry iPhone photos. Regardless, here they come!

If you like mac & cheese you should probably try these little guys. Takes dinner to a whole new level.
I have a husband who works all day...and all night...I make dinner for one just about every night of the week. Unless you count SpongeBob.

It took these patriotic lights to make me glance up and realize that I work right next to the Empire State Building.  I just blame not knowing that until now on my horrible sense of direction!
I left work on election day, walked about one block, and realized the Empire State Building was sporting it's patriotic colors for the evening.

Is this baby girl outfit just to die for?! I love having friends having babies. It's a great excuse to go shopping and oohh and aahh over adorable little shoes and clothes. Not to mention the baby shower was a blast, and a refreshing girls night get together to break up the week.

First snow of the season on my street corner.
This is the worst of the pics. Not necessarily because of the blurriness factor, but because it makes it undeniable that winter is here. These are some of the first snowflakes of the season here in the Big Apple. It was a slushy, snowy, windy and wet mess trying to get home from work. Pretty much had to step through a lake to get on the bus. I need some rain boots/water-proof boots ASAP. 


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