Pleasant Surprise

Sunday, November 11, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

What a pleasant surprise! TJ and I found ourselves saying last night as our date night fun was coming to a close.
Candied peanuts we bought from a street cart before going in to see a movie.  My first time buying food from a street cart, and they were good!
As we were walking home, I remembered we really needed to stop by a grocery store and pick up some basics, like milk, bread, etc. At that point, we were still about a 10-15 minute walk from home. It was late and most places were already closed so our options were limited. We decided to walk into the first open store we came across. What a pleasant surprise!

TJ LOVES fruit. He was ecstatic over all the apple choices and prices. We couldn't believe a store in New York City would carry so much produce! At least it's the first time we've come across this sight. 

We must have looked like two people seeing food for the first time. This store was spacious (unlike our near-by stores where you have to suck it in just to squeeze between the cash registers and aisles...seriously) and there were HUGE piles of delicious looking produce (also unlike our near-by options where I sometimes feel like I have only a dozen apples to pick from).

Look at all that fruit! This is how the whole produce section looked, filled with everything from lemons to potatoes. 
Pleasant surprise #2 was that the prices were more reasonable in comparison to what we are used to paying at our corner store. Who knew that TJ and I would ever get excited about the price of a gallon of milk?! However, we've learned that when you live in NYC, or a place that has a higher cost of living, you do actually get excited about these little things.

Have you ever seen beans lined up like this?
In all it was awesome. We originally thought we'd be lucky to even find a $5 gallon of milk that late at night, and here we stumbled upon a lovely grocery store with better prices to top it all off. Once we walked out of the store, excited with our purchase, we laughed that we didn't think about how we still had a good little treck home with lots of bags in hand. At least it made for a good arm workout.


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