'Frankenstorm' in Our Neck of the Woods

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 3 Comments

Still standing

We made it through Hurricane Sandy. TJ and I feel so lucky and blessed that it didn't really affect us too much in our neck of the woods. 

Once all mass transit was shut down Sunday night, we stocked up on last minute food items, candles and batteries, and buckled down to stay inside for the next couple of days. 

In the Upper East Side of Manhattan, we didn't experience ANY flooding or power loss (lucky right?!). We lost our internet connection after the worst of the storm hit our area, but it was up and running late Tuesday afternoon. We were lucky compared to so many of our other fellow New Yorkers, just a couple blocks south from us, who lost power, were evacuated or had flooding. 

NOTE: I did not take the next two pictures. See the links for the original source.

Flooding in the subways. Image from here.

Clearly with mass transit down, the city kinda came to a screeching halt. It was so quiet on our street, it was almost eerie! Then, the worst of the storm hit Manhattan late Monday night. The wind howled outside our windows for hours, and by Tuesday morning we realized the damage in surrounding areas was worse than some had thought it would be.

Flooding in the Lower East Side of Manhattan

My poor mom and sister are home in NJ, and were without power as soon as the strong winds started Monday night (along with millions and millions of others in surrounding states who were hit by the storm). At this point officials are saying it could be a week or more before power is restored in many areas. I got to talk to them today, and although they are freezing in a dark house, they are okay. It's still just very dangerous for them to leave the house due to fallen trees and powers lines in the road everywhere. It's a guessing game when their power will be restored.

My working-from-home space.

As for us? TJ and I worked from home Monday and Tuesday. Some bus routes started back up today so he made the treck into work, while I sat in my pajamas at home enjoying one more day of working from home. I plan on heading back to the office tomorrow, just without the option of my usual subway route, so wish me luck that I can get there sooner than later. I already can't wait for the subways to be up and running again! It will be such a pain without them in the mean time.


  1. Glad you guys are okay and that it didn't affect you too much. Fingers crossed that your mom and Marissa get power back soon. Life is always an adventure, huh?

  2. All of us at MB were relieved to hear you guys made it through fine. Glad to also hear your family in NJ is well too! Reed and Tina ask for 'Vanessa storm updates' daily.

    1. Thanks Ben! We appreciate everyone thinking about us!


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