Officially Converted

Friday, October 12, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

Big news family and friends! First, a little background is necessary.

TJ so excited to go pick up his new phone.

A few weeks ago, TJ lost his phone left it on the train heading out to see my family in NJ. It was a major bummer. We filled out a lost-and-found report in hopes that someone didn't steal it, but rather a nice person would turn it in to NJ Transit.

After a few days we agreed that the chances of it showing up were slim, and luckily TJ was available for an upgrade on his plan, so he started researching what new phone he wanted to get.

Of course, I said he should get the new iPhone 5 and of course, he said no way. (Something about the Droid operating system too much to give up and couldn't get over the no Google maps app on the iPhone drama.) I still told him, as well as my mom and sister, that he should think about it because all things Apple are the best.

Lo and behold, after two weeks of no phone, and debating what to get, he came home one night and said:

TJ: "So I went to the Apple store in Grand Central on my way to work today and I think I might want the new iPhone."
Me: "Haha. That's funny babe. But seriously, what phone are you getting because I'm tired of not being able to reach you other than through email?"
TJ: "Seriously, I want the iPhone. I think I'm switching to the dark side."
Me: "What?!?!"
It was a little tricky to get his hands on this thing, but thanks to the Apple store on the Upper West Side, TJ was able to snag up a phone online and pick it up the next morning.

I'm so happy to say that he is now the proud owner of an iPhone. I never thought this day would happen when he would be officially converted, but here it is. It's still so funny that just a few weeks ago he was telling people the iPhone wasn't for him, and now he has it and loves it. Never say never I guess!


  1. Ha! Love it! Ty bought an old iPhone 3 off of his coworker yesterday, and he's already talking about how it makes him feel so fancy. :P
    I'm sure he also loves how it syncs up to the iPad. Ty was telling me yesterday how awesome it is that if he loses his phone now, he can find it with his macbook. ;)

    1. TJ said the same things. I love that Ty said it makes him feel fancy! So funny!


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