My First Yankees Game

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 1 Comments

This past weekend I went to my first Yankees baseball game.

Panoramic photo TJ took on his new phone.

My dad called that morning and said he could get a couple tickets from work and asked if TJ and I would be interested in going. TJ of course is ALL GAME for any sporting event, but even I was excited for this one. Pretty sure attending a Yankee's game is on the bucket list of things to do while living in New York.

We had no idea until we got there how awesome our seats were. We were between third base and home plate, just a few rows back. It felt like we were on the field. With the players. It was cool. I mean, even I couldn't help but cheer, clap and get into the game.

Peanuts for a baseball game are a must. Also, you know you have good seats when the sign on the back of the seat says "Be alert for bats and/or balls"
We met up with my dad, Marissa and her friend for the game!

The game got even better when we realized that snazzy area we walked through to get to our seats, was all included for free. We had to take a break mid-game and eat lots of yummy free food including all the treats, candy, drinks and snacks we could carry back to our seats.

In all, it was totally awesome. We even made an appearance on the jumbo screen for five seconds. (Didn't get a picture of that, so you'll just have to take my word on it!)

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  1. AWESOME! I love baseball games! And being on the jumbo screen at one is on my bucket list! Sounds like so much fun!


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