Scrapbooking: My New Hobby

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 1 Comments

I have a new hobby. Scrapbooking. It's something in the past I said I wouldn't start, but here I am now attempting to scrapbook. Holy cow, it's hard!

A few of my first pages.

My mom gave me great advice. She said she heard to just start with the present. Scrapbook the photos that were taken most recently and go from there. If you have extra time, then begin working backwards. Otherwise, just start with the most recent photos and move forward. I thought that was good advice, so that's where I decided to start.

I am the type who does better when I have a picture to copy or follow. However, I've found that as I search for ideas on Pinterest, many of today's styles spotlight one photo per page. They are awesome pages, but I have too many photos I want to use to simply narrow it down to one-per-page!
Sources from top left and moving clockwise 1. Ruby  2. Boyish Charm  3. Sunkist  4. Reasons Why 
I have spent hours trying to pick out what paper to use, which embellishments and how to lay out the photos. Finally I just decided to keep it simple. As I go, I'm hoping to improve and learn new tricks for making better, faster and cuter pages, while still keeping things inexpensive and simple enough. So far I came across this site with a video tutorial about framing that I'm hoping to attempt on my next pages.

We will see how this goes! Any tips are welcome!

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  1. Your pages look great Vanessa! I like that you use several photos- after all, it's about preserving memories, isn't it? I think it's silly when people leave tons of blank space just to show off their pretty papers. It's about the people and events, not the paper! :) Someday I hope to scrapbook a bunch of stuff instead of just slapping stuff up onto facebook and (occasionally) my blog. There's something about having a physical product of your work that is just so great!


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