How To Be Cool

Monday, September 24, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 1 Comments

For my birthday my 14-year-old sister Marissa gave me this little book.

How To Be Cool
(For Losers Edition)

I guess she was worried about me getting older and wants to make sure I still know how to be hip. Here are her fourteen rules for how to stay cool.

1. Don't say 'YOLO' unless you're sure it's appropriate and used correctly
2. Never ever say "the music is too loud"
3. Wear the glasses provided
4. Don't think you're cool, KNOW IT
5. It's never too late at night to watch a movie
6. Photo shoots = good
7. CUTE CLOTHES/shoes/jewelry/etc...
8. Reply to messages
9. Try new things! Even new fashion!
10. Dance - people like it
11. DO NOT tell people you're cool
12. Don't make cheesy jokes
13. If something embarrassing happens - laugh
14. Don't tell Facebook everything you're doing. It doesn't care.

Guess I better study up so that I can stay cool! Good thing I have an awesome sister who can give me pointers. 

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