Motivation Needed

Saturday, May 19, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 3 Comments

I am in need of some major motivation! I need to have more of these sitting around my house.

The ever-growing, unavoidable fact is that we need to be moved out of our apartment in 10 days. Whoa. It's so exciting that it's finally here, and that we are actually moving to NYC. We have been talking about it since forever ago because TJ was offered a position at the end of his internship last summer. It's just weird that it's finally here.

So send any motivational vibes you have my way because I have a long weekend and week of work left, meaning less time at home, and have yet to pack or sort through a single item.

I wish I could just throw everything in boxes and call it good, but since we are downsizing from a two-bedroom apartment to who knows what kind of little space in Manhattan, I don't think that method will work this time around.

It's official. I'm the world's worst packer. And I haven't even started packing.


  1. Best wishes in NYC! We just had a quick visit with a BYU friend of mine who lives 15 blocks from the Manhattan LDS temple. Very busy, fast-pace place with so much to see and do! Enjoy your adventure.

    The boxes will work out. Sending packing vibes your way...

  2. So...since you will be in NYC & we are close to DC, we sold do a house swap for the weekend! :) AND see yu, of course!


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