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SIX Things I Have Loved Lately:
1. My awesome husband (of course). He has made me several delicious meals recently on those days that I really don't feel like cooking dinner. I'm just soaking it all in until our roles flip and I am the one with more free time and less excuses to not cook dinner every night.

2. THE HUNGER GAMES!!! I feel nerdy saying this but I seriously loved the movie The Hunger Games. We finally went and saw it last weekend and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I feel like it followed the book pretty well, and I even got goosebumps at one point. Yeah, a little ridiculous BUT I was that excited.
(TJ went to the movie too, but we needed a photographer at the moment)

3. Treats. Yeah, pretty sure this will always make my list, but I really love a good treat now-and-then mixed into my week. Before seeing The Hunger Games we stopped by Farr's and obviously enjoyed ourselves!

4. Spring Weather and Blooms. Need I say more? Spring just puts me in a good mood, and I love shedding some of those jackets and layers in exchange for a little warmth. 

5. Uplifting moments and people. Last weekend we went to TJ's mission reunion. He has been home for almost three years now. I just love his mission president and his wife. They are such wonderful people and they truly love everyone they meet. They had a simple mini-devotional and I got a little teary eyed since they are just the sweetest people. TJ joked that I wasn't even one of their missionaries, but I told him that it didn't matter because I feel like they love me as if I were! I want to be like that. Someone who the light and love of Christ just shines through. That was just the beginning to our weekend of General Conference where we got to listen to even more uplifting thoughts and people.
(This was the only picture we took at the reunion. I hate when I don't take more, because then I'm always bummed afterward. This at least proves we were there I guess!)

5. The countdown has begun. We have about 8 weeks left in Provo before we move to New York! I have so many different feelings and emotions about this whole moving/start our first "real" post-college jobs/change/adventure thing. But when it all comes down to it, I can't wait. I am so ready. We are so ready. Eight weeks and I will have to learn how to be the big city girl.

It's as they say, "Love the Life you Live"


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