Easter Weekend

Monday, April 09, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

We kept ourselves busy this past Easter weekend!
Friday night we had a lovely evening and nice dinner at the Marriott Hotel for a BYU Business School event. The keynote speakers were actually very interesting and I loved hearing their experience and advice.

It was also fun to have a reason to dress up and meet some of TJ's school buddies that I often hear about.

Don't you love listening to someone with an inspiring message? I know I do. It always makes me feel a little brighter and want to be a little better. I also started reading Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielson this weekend and love how inspiring she is as well.

Saturday consisted of a little sleeping in and shopping for me, and golfing for TJ. That night we went out to dinner before heading over to see the BYU Ballroom Team Performance. It was amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect, but their tour team (also #1 in the world) was spectacular. Everything from the dancers to the stage, and the costumes to the choreography was very impressive. Definitely add this to your to-do list if you are in Provo.

We took it easy Easter Day. Of course The Masters was on at our home. It's like the SuperBowl for golf, so my husband wouldn't miss it for the world. I made a little crock-pot dinner and we dyed eggs. (even though I'm pretty sure I was the only one who wanted to!)

(TJ dedicated one of his egg's to Bubba Watson who won the Masters, and dyed it pink since he uses a driver that is pink for breast cancer awareness)

The most EXCITING NEWS is that this is the last week of classes for TJ. I think I may be more excited than he is. Graduation is so close!


  1. I love the dress you wore to the Marriott School dinner! It's so pretty! I'm a big fan of lace overlay, so when I saw it I loved it!
    Also, I have to admit I wasn't super excited about dyeing eggs, but I'm glad we did because it turned out to be way more fun than I was expecting. :)

    1. Thanks Kayla! I love lace overlay too. And thanks for going with the flow and dyeing eggs with me :)


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