Spontaneous Trip to Hobby Lobby

Monday, September 05, 2011 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

So this weekend my brother, hubby and I were running some errands and one stop took us right next to Hobby Lobby. So of course I had to convince them to go in since I haven't been there all summer and I just LOVE that place.

Things started okay with just a few grumbles here and there from the boys about "how long was I planning on being there?" or "do you plan to walk up and down every aisle in here?" or "why in the world do you need to see all this Christmas stuff when it's only September?". I even got them to hold up a pretty fall wreath because my next project is to make a cute fall-themed wreath for my door.
Then things progressed a little more when I was trying to decide which scrapbook paper pad I wanted to buy, and they came around the corner from another aisle holding up this little message for me.

Anyway, I LOVE Hobby Lobby and am always happier when I leave that place (even if my most recent trip was a little rushed), but the boys said unless the store gets smart and builds a guy corner for the men to go watch sports on a big screen in the corner of the store, then they don't want me to try talking them into going there again. :)


  1. I love this! :) Those boys are silly!

  2. Love this...ok, so you know what you need to get into? This may get me in trouble, but PINTREST! You'd love it and find so many cute do it yourself projects...maybe it's ruling my life as I'm still getting adjusted in Boston!


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