Faster than a New York Minute

Sunday, July 17, 2011 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Holy cow, we are living in New York! and.....Holy cow, our lives really are flying by faster than a New York minute!

First of all, TJ and I feel so lucky and blessed for this opportunity we've had to both come out and do AWESOME internships in the big apple. We are both loving the work we are doing. I am realizing just how excited I get about public relations, and TJ is working very hard to learn the ropes at an investment bank.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why we are loving our summer so far in NYC:

1. Fast Pace: I believe I can say that I truly understand the phrase "faster than a New York minute". Everything moves at such a fast pace here! At first it was a little intimating, but now I oddly love it. Everything intrigues me from just how fast people really do walk, to the taxis trying to zoom around, even to the incredible speed at which my sandwich gets made at the local sub shop I like to go to on my lunch break. What's even funnier is that I find myself darting across the street if a car's not coming (regardless of a walk sign or not), or walking on the left side of the escalator just so I can get down to the subway track faster than those who stand on the right.

2. Diversity: It is so fun to be around so many diverse people who come from all different backgrounds. It definitely adds more spice to conversations and experiences.

3. Always Something To Do or See: I still can't get over just how much there is to do or see. I can't imagine ever getting bored in this city that never sleeps. Clearly I'm still a new-comer to the city because I am simply intrigued by just watching people, yet alone all of the things to do!

4. New Adventure: There really isn't much else that can bring a marriage closer together than either a trial or a new adventure. There's just something about the nerves that come with doing anything new that bring TJ and I closer when we get to do it together.

5. Great Work Experience: We were both so lucky to get internships with such global, leading companies in their perspective industries. I know that for myself, this is more than I could have imagined having the chance to do. I am challenged each day that I go in, and feel like I can't learn enough fast enough. I am working alongside with awesome people who really know a lot about the PR industry. TJ's experience is similar in that same regard, however he really has to work HARD. Not just hard, but HARD. I'm pretty sure that he's lucky to get home before midnight, and in addition ,when he doesn't have to work on the weekend I count it as a small miracle. I know that his hard work will pay off in the end so we'll just keep chugging along!

6. Working in New York City: There is just nothing like walking out of our little studio apartment in the morning and into the hustle and bustle. It's usually quite exhilarating and I realize I'm walking along with millions of others to work in huge, tall buildings. It probably sounds crazy and you're thinking "who would want to do that?" but there's something just plain exciting about it. On the other hand, it does make me feel like I'm just one small grain of sand in the whole scheme of things.

7. Our Doorman: Yes, I feel like I'm in a movie because we have the nicest doorman, Charlie, who always opens the door for me and greets me by name when I come home. He helped me figure out the best dry cleaners to take TJ's dress shirts too as well. He's lovely.

8. Warm Weather: Okay well to be perfectly honest the humidity is a little much for even someone like me who loves warm weather (at least it keeps my skin softer and I go through less Carmex chapstick) Still I love summer and would always choose to be warm over cold any day.....even if that means being sweaty sometimes.

9. Family: This really is almost the top reason of why I love everything about this summer. It's only a train ride away and I can be home, hanging out with my family in no time at all. It's so nice after being away at school for years to get to see them on more than just the holidays. I also helped out for 10 days while my parents were out of the country on a trip by going home each evening so I could keep Shawn and Marissa company. (I can also say that I've been an official commuter. It was rough because it was on average 2 hours each way but I know what it's like now!)

10. Being Together: This is by far the best reason why I love this summer. I've decided that no matter where we go (and how long into the night TJ may have to work these first couple of years) I love him and as I tell him every now and then, "Baby, I'm stickin wit you"


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