Have you seen my husband?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

So does anyone remember that book "Are You My Mother" where the cute little bird goes around to all of the other animals trying to find his mom? I have been on the verge of taking an adventure like that of my own...in search for my husband.

I pretty much "lost" my husband to his schoolwork and major midterms like last week and he still hasn't come out from it's spell. This is totally what makes my life so weird right now. I just graduated and am working full time. I have always been a busy person and I usually like it that way to be honest, but now all of my busyness happens mostly during the day and is generally over when I come home in the evening from work. When I was still in school my days were never ending because there was always homework to worry about when I got home for the day. Now I am having to figure out what to do with myself!

However, don't read this the wrong way because I love this transition stage. It's a good problem to have when I finally have time to go to fun work-out classes, read books, do crafts and maybe clean the house a little more than I used to. I still feel busy, it's just a more fun kind of busy. I think I worked pretty hard in school and was really involved so I believe I deserve no more homework for a while. All I'm saying is that it's still kinda weird to me that my husband is a finance/investment banking maniac and has to study his little guys out until the wee hours of every night/morning, while I sit at home twiddling my little thumbs.

So as you may have guessed by now, yes I am home alone waiting for my hubby to get done with his class at 10pm so that I can have the excuse to see him for 20 minutes because he needs a ride home, right before he starts at the homework all over again. Hmm. You know what. I will take whatever time I can get because it's a tough competition this week between his textbooks and me!


  1. have you seen my husband? haha i am so happy to have read this post because i have been having the worst attitude lately about not seeing devin. but what you said was really motivating and i will try to be better :)

  2. Yeah sometimes (well always) it's a big bummer but our guys are working hard so I realize I can't complain! haha. Glad to hear someone else feels the way I do :)


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