Quick Trip Home

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Two weekends ago I got to go home for a quick visit, which also happened to overlap with Marissa's 13th birthday. First, I have to explain just how much I love going home to visit my family. They are awesome but living in almost different sides of the country make me miss them even more. It's so far (and expensive) to travel to New Jersey. I think the coolest thing about them moving there is that it has opened my eyes up to the East Coast, and I totally love it! I love the fast-paced lifestyle, I love the sassy attitude people have, I love the busy feeling, I love the pretty greenery, I love the city.

What's funny though is that long-term, I don't want to live in the big city once we have a couple kids. I just think it's the perfect fit for TJ and I right now since we are still young and alive! haha. So yep, that means I'm still crossing my fingers that everything will go well for TJ this summer with his internship and that we will get the chance to move to New York next year. You never know huh?! Honestly, I think TJ and I would be happy to go anywhere. We are both open to new adventures and looking forward to change, so I think we will be happy wherever we go.

Here's a couple pictures my mom took, I forgot to even get my camera out but luckily my mom got a couple pictures to document my little trip. The first try my dad cut off Shawn, so he had to try again. He doesn't like to use my mom's iPhone but we had to get a picture before we went to the huge Mac store in NY for my mom who is obsessed.


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