Minor Bragging Moment

Sunday, February 27, 2011 TJ & Vanessa 3 Comments

Warning: This post is going to be me bragging about my wonderful husband. :)

First of all, I am so proud of my husband. He will be a summer analyst intern at J.P. Morgan in New York City!!!!
This is something he will hardly tell anyone or brag about, but that's what wives are for right?! This is kinda a big deal and something to be proud of!

It all started at the beginning of fall 2010 semester when he decided on a whim to join the Investment Banking Club. He was just starting his first semester in the business program and knew that he wanted to do something with finance, but just wasn't sure what he specifically wanted to do. Within a couple weeks he started to get really interested in investment banking, which left me wondering what that even was. Next thing I knew, we were buying him a plane ticket to head off to New York with the club for special meetings with different banks and firms. Just before he went out, my dad was also able to help TJ network with some other good-to-know people so that he was able to meet and learn more about investment banking and internship opportunities.

He came back from New York in November so excited about everything that he almost forgot it was our 1st Anniversary! Well, not really because he remembered and in fact felt really bad that he was barely getting back in time to celebrate. Anyway, after that trip he worked really hard to keep in touch with the people he had met, and did an excellent job networking and getting several interviews set up. The past couple months have been crazy busy as he has been studying up and preparing for these interviews. Then in January we got awesome news that a couple banks wanted TJ to come back out to New York for final round interviews.

After considering a couple offers, he called J.P. Morgan back to accept, and so now we will be moving to New York this summer! I am so proud of him because J.P. Morgan is one of the top investment banks and has an awesome internship program. TJ was up against students from other very prominent schools such as Stanford, Yale, Princeton, etc. I told him that he would rock the interviews and to just be confident in what he brought to the table. He must have done something right!

We are really excited to move for the summer because we both love New York. It will always be a special place for both of us since that is where TJ proposed to me. He is excited to work 80-100 hours a week (something that I still don't understand...who wants to work that much?) and to start a new adventure and hopefully perform well for future opportunities. I am excited to move to the east coast, face-paced lifestyle, and to be just a short train ride away from my family. This is also getting us one step closer to our hopes for ending up in New York a year from now, after TJ graduates.

Exciting things are happening for us and we feel so blessed. Times are still tough and people are still struggling to get internships and jobs in this economy. We are so grateful for this opportunity and thank the Lord for blessing our little family.


  1. Congrat TJ! That is quite an accomplishment! I hope everything works out for you guys. Sounds like things are running smoothly!

  2. TJ rocks! And you should definitely brag for him. :) So you decided to move too? I feel really good about that decision. And maybe I will come visit. haha.


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