Christmas Break

Sunday, January 30, 2011 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Yes, I am just getting around to writing a re-cap about Christmas break, but I guess I feel like it hasn't been that long since Christmas because I still have my cute tree up! :)

I had such a great Christmas break! I cried when we were leaving my family's house which was no surprise to TJ. I just love going home to see my family, especially my younger siblings. I always worry that my little sister won't remember a lot of the things we've done together so I love any time that I can spend with my family. It was also the first Christmas that TJ spent with my family so that was special too.

We went back east for over a week and honestly to sum up our trip in one word, it was relaxing. We just hung around the house a lot in pj's, skyped with Tyson from his mission, ate tons of my mom's delicious food, did crafts, had good 'life' chats with my dad, opened fun presents, watched lots of movies, slept in, played in the snow, lasertag, bowling, eating out and all of the other fabulous things that you usually just dream about doing on a rainy day.

I love spending time with my family and wish that I was closer to them so that I could see them more often. In all, it was the greatest Christmas break and I can't wait for our next visit! Here are some pictures to capture just some of the moments.

Shawn got a chef hat for Christmas. (My mom is trying to send him a hint I guess. It was better than last year when he got a dish scrubber!)

My mom thought it would be funny to do matching pajamas this year as a first, so here we are all matchy-matchy.

I don't know why we are bending down like this...

When you don't have someone else who can take your picture, you end up with poses like this.

Marissa made us all lay down in a circle and was laughing while taking our picture.

Just missing Tyson

I love my sister!

Warning: When Marissa calls you name beware because she may have her camera up and ready to snap a goofy picture. That or my husband is just plain goofy.

More pictures from Marissa snapping them non-stop.

This picture explains everything about our Laser Tag adventure. TJ was so ready to go in that he couldn't wait for a picture. He was like a little kid running all over the place in there! Shawn was trying to be sneaky and me and Marissa were just laughing at the whole thing having fun.

Right before I started crying when we had to leave for the airport. Sad!

One of the best presents trees! Shawn and Marissa had folding all of the bills up really cool too!

Bowling adventures.

Out to dinner! My family loves going out to eat and then hitting up the movies!

This was TJ while I was busy crafting away with the girls :) He was happy though because this was his new phone that he got for Christmas.

Headbands we made

Some of the many fabric flowers that we created. I love crafts and had fun making these with my mom and sister.

At church with a couple good friends as well. I look so short next to everyone and my 12 year old sister. She is catching up to me!


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