Sofa Shopping

Monday, August 26, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

TJ and I have wanted a new sofa ever since we moved to New York. We only shipped the love seat in our living room set across the country during our move last year, thinking we would be lucky to fit just that in our pre-imagined tiny studio apartment. Turns out the apartment we found could totally fit both sofas. Go figure. So the whole past year we've been sitting cozy on our little love seat sofa.

We tried searching for a new sofa on several occasions, however neither of us are in the mood to pay a lot. We've gotten close a couple times to just buying one, but here we are still sitting on our love seat. Maybe one day we'll find "the one". In the meantime, any recommendation or advice is welcome!

A close contender until TJ sat down and said he felt like an ogre with his long legs dangling off the edge.

I'm already bored of searching and never finding one we really like.

"No thanks. I would rather not have to sit in a boxy chair like a stiff statue..." - said TJ.


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