Dance 'till You Drop

Monday, July 15, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Marissa is a DANCING QUEEN! We both definitely have that similarity. I see her twirling nonstop around the house, and remember doing exactly that when I was her age. In fact, I also had the nickname "Dancing Queen" however it was given to me secretly by my 15-year-old boy crush. Now, 10 years later I think the nickname has definitely been passed on.
Marissa's cheerleaders!
As Marissa wrapped up the school year, she had several performances, a competition and a recital. Luckily, being just a train ride away I've been able to attend most of her performances. I'm amazed at each number, each pointed toe, each straight leg, but most of all her great personality and excellent technique. In the end, I'm one proud sister, but a little sad I stopped dancing myself. Maybe it's time for me to look into taking a dance class here in the city?!

Marissa (on the left) practicing her duet where she dances the whole number tied by a scarf to her dance buddy.

At this year's competition Marissa won first place in her duet category, first overall for duet and trio groups, invitation to nationals and prize money! 
Even Charles came to Marissa's recital to cheer her on despite being in the hospital earlier that week.
My mom and I watched all four recital shows. It was over 12 hours of dance in one day! Marissa performed different dances in each show and impressed us all.

To see her improve so much in just the past year means only one thing: you might be looking at one, awesome BYU Cougarette! Not that I'm biased or anything...but I'm definitely already pushing her in a certain direction! If anyone can do it, I think she can!


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