Macy's Floral Show

Saturday, May 18, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Living in NYC means you have the opportunity to see lots of cool things...often. One example is the Macy's Floral Show hosted at the largest department store in America (at least I think it is). I almost didn't go because during the last weekend of the event TJ was stuck all night at work, but I decided to swing by solo considering my love of flowers.

You first walk into a large tent and are immediately engulfed in the most beautiful smell of your life - flowers!

Each new "room" had something large featured in the middle. India seemed to be the base of inspiration for the theme, hence the massive elephant draped in flowers.

Flowers, flowers, flowers. Everywhere. They were placed in every nook and cranny throughout the tent.
And then there were the Macy's store window displays. Holy moly. ALL fresh flowers mind you. I was in awe trying to soak in each little detail and petal.

More window displays...

and a few more.
And just when you thought you might be flowered out, there was this grand beauty right when you walk in the main entrance of the store itself.

From bottom to top this thing was made of hundreds of roses and orchids.
Come to find out, each week a different designer creates lovely masterpieces, so this was the only one I got to see. Now that I know, you better believe next year, I'll be stopping by each week of the Macy's Floral Show!


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