Catching Up

Saturday, May 18, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

It's been about a week since we returned from the most amazing vacation ever. Upon returning I told everyone not to worry if I seem a little off; it's just because I'm experiencing a little post-Punta-Cana-vacation depression.

But REALLY. TJ and I both agree it was the best vacation ever! We had awesome company (Trevor and Kathryn we miss you guys already!) and an awesome resort. We are also in a stage of our lives, where because of our current situation, we both really, really, really appreciate any time we actually do get to spend together. I mean, I haven't gotten to eat dinner with my husband seven nights in a row, since when he was still in school!

However, before I get to the #bestvacationever post, I must do a little backtracking as we've also had several other fun memories and moments these past two months. So here comes a whole slew of catch-up posts!


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