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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

Shawn and I
While in Logan, Utah for my grandfather's funeral in April I had the chance to see my brother's dorm. Man is that the life! I loved college. It was fun taking a walk down memory lane to my freshman year of college. Although he's at a different school, it was neat to see his on-campus dorm and get a quick campus tour.
Marissa and I ready for the grand tour of Utah State.
Hanging out in his room. Cute t-shirt quilt made by my grandma right?!
Marissa decided to test out his "homework spot". You might also be able to play a game of I Spy.....In Shawn's defense, we gave him zero warning that we were stopping by.
Saving the best for last....I also made my family eat dinner one night at Costa Vida. Man, I miss that place. During our school years in Utah, TJ and I probably ate there almost once a week. We were regulars for sure.
I love my sweet pork salads. Can Costa Vida or Cafe Rio please open a NYC location? Thanks.
I'm so happy for my brother and that he had such an awesome freshman year. Next visit will have to be a stop in Provo to see Tyson and his set-up now that he's a college pro!


  1. We have several Cafe Rios here in Virginia! Crazy, huh? You know some Mormon family moved out here and missed it so much they bought a franchise! Everytime we go, we see someone in BYU gear. :)

    1. That's lucky Lisa! Maybe one day I'll have to be like that family and after missing it so much, just open my own franchise. I'll start planning :)


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