New Jersey Weekend Getaway!

Saturday, April 06, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Did I ever think one day I'd be blogging about our "NJ Weekend Getaway"? Nope. Then again, who would have thought TJ and I would be high school sweethearts dancing together at our junior prom, and in a blink, married, and living the big city life eight years later?
High school junior!
On that note, I am indeed dedicating a whole blog post to our latest weekend getaway to New Jersey. It really was a lovely Easter weekend. Sure is convenient having my family so close, just a one-hour train ride, to be able to go from noisy streets and our studio apartment, to total serenity in a lovely house buried in masses of trees (or at this time of year, sticks).

Last weekend, we were LONG overdue for a couples getaway. TJ hadn't been able to go visit my family with me since before Christmas from working on the weekends, or recovering from being an investment-banking-sleepy-zombie. It worked out perfectly. His work was surprisingly calm so we escaped Friday night, like two happy peas in a pod.

We went to the movies (always a favorite activity), went out to a yummy dinner and had the best s'mores brownie and ice cream dessert (that I was so excited to eat I forgot to take a picture), and just relaxed.
At the movies!
Girls pic at dinner.
These two just chilling on their iPad's together. I felt just a little left out :)


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