Belated Birthday Feast

Thursday, April 04, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments


We discovered a new favorite restaurant. Benihana. Thanks to a co-worker's recommendation, we made a reservation a week in advance, met after work the following Friday night, and enjoyed one delicious meal.

Yum. Just thinking about Benihana as I'm writing this makes me want to go back. Right now. Anyone hungry?

Benihana is unique because the chef comes to your table and cooks the meal right in front of you. They pull out all the stops. We're talking tricks with sharp utensils, flipping shrimp into guests mouths, and even making shapes or messages with the food.

I love you!
TJ loves this type of restaurant. Good food with a little entertainment, and he's all for it.

In fact, his family in years past made it a birthday tradition to eat at a similar restaurant in Arizona every year, so it was only right that I find a comparable match in NYC to celebrate his birthday. While we certainly missed his family, and thought about his dad watching over us from above, we made sure to eat a couple extra shrimp just for them.
Flashback: TJ's 18th birthday dinner

Fast forward: TJ's 25th birthday dinner


  1. So yummy! Sign up for their birthday meal on their website. FREE meal on your birthday! Joel and I go to Benihana twice a year, on our birthdays! They have one tucked away in SLC and one here in DC, too, so our tradition lives on. So glad you found it! :)

    1. Thanks Lisa for the heads up about the birthday meal on their website. We didn't know that! I'm going to sign up right now :)


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