Birthday Boy

Sunday, March 17, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

This week was TJ's 25th Birthday. Hooray!

The birthday boy! Another year old and wiser too!

I have a confusion to make about birthdays. We aren't the biggest birthday-party-let's-celebrate-with everyone-you-know type of people. Does that make us boring? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, I think TJ rather enjoyed his birthday, minus working that day. I surprised him (even if he didn't come home until 8:30 - when I was absolutely starving!) with a lovely home-cooked dinner of some of his favorites, including shrimp, salmon, french cut green beans, wild grain rice and sparkling cider.

I lit a couple candles to make the ambiance a little more special - worked until TJ turned on the light and says he likes to see his food when he eats :)

After eating, and a nice shoulder rub from yours truly, he was so content/tired that we did what we do best these days, and kicked up our feet for a quiet evening of watching our latest Netflix TV show addiction. Another birthday confession is that for the most part, we both like to pick out our own birthday gifts. This still needs to happen as soon as he has some time to go shopping with me so I can finish off our Stone Family birthday tradition.

When telling other people how this weekend has been celebrating TJ's birthday, I feel like it sounds boring. Somehow though, we both find ourselves saying this has been an awesome couple days. Just the way we like it.


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