Three-Day Weekend

Monday, January 21, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Thanks to Martin Luther King Day, we've enjoyed a relaxing three-day weekend. The best part about it? TJ was home for most of it. It's a miracle! Hands down, the most I've seen him over the past month or so. We kept things pretty mellow. I would have loved to get away for the weekend, but between not knowing if TJ would get stuck at work until the last minute, and already committed to giving talks on Sunday at church, we partied it up at home.

First time checking out the "largest store in America" So many floors! "Does this Macy's store seriously take up the whole street block?" -TJ

Our three-day weekend consisted of movies, cuddling, sleeping, cleaning, working out, cooking, eating, speaking at church, napping, late night dance party for two and shopping.

This weekend on the menu: steak and potato dinner. Also lots of cut-up fruit all weekend.  It's hubby's trademark sign of affection for me. He loves fruit and loves using his new knives he got for Christmas to chop anything up! 


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