New Year's Recap

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Originally this year we were supposed to fly home on New Year's Eve. However, since TJ had to change our travel dates due to work, that meant we were already home a couple days before the last day of 2012.  Despite being back in the city, sorry no big-crowds-ball-dropping-freezing-Times-Square-mess for me! Instead, I took a train to NJ to spent New Year's weekend with my family.
Flashback to our first New Year's Eve (2009) as a married couple!

It was wonderful as always, especially since both brothers were still home during their winter school break. I know how lucky I am to be close enough to visit my family so often. Which is why I feel a little bad saying this, but it just wasn't the same this New Year's without TJ there. He was stuck working...and working...and working non-stop. I haven't seen my husband since Thanksgiving at this point. I think he has worked everyday, seven days a week, since then. Awful huh?! A project he has going on is taking over his life, and therefore my life. While I've gotten better at keeping myself busy, it doesn't mean I'm used to it. Especially after this long of a stretch. He usually wakes me up at 2-3-4-5-6 in the morning when he finally rolls into bed, but I'm too sleepy at that point to really know what's going on. Then I have to wake up and head off to work while he's still trying to catching every last minute of zzzz's that he can. Long story short, I miss my husband. I can't wait until he gets a day off, or home by 8 or 9pm again so that we can just hang out. Please let this project be over soon. I'm ready to feel married again!

Well, to end this post on a happier note here's an iPhone recap of New Year's weekend at the James' home.

The last few days of 2012 were filled with snow. I snapped a pic out the back window right when it started.

These three were cozy as we waited for our table at Olive Garden. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa James for sending the gift card for Christmas. Too bad they couldn't have been there with us!

What would a holiday with my family be like without going to the movies?! It's a major holiday tradition for my family. This time we saw Le Miserables = Amazing!

Second attempt for a good picture. 

Third time still wasn't quite the charm!

Some quick eating as we were out shopping!

Shawn looks great for just having four wisdom teeth removed a few days before this right?!

What I did to ring in the New Year that might make me sound like a granny. My mom taught me how to crochet, so since I didn't have a hubby to kiss at midnight, I made myself a scarf.

My first-not-too-bad-scarf for Marissa. Thanks sis for taking care of me while TJ is stuck at work all the time. Glad I have you!
Here's to 2013!


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