That Week in Arizona

Monday, December 31, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

This post is part 2 of In Memory of Tom Stone. That week in Arizona (after Tom passed away) I did take a couple pictures of different happenings so that perhaps one day in the future TJ can look back and remember some of the things that made him smile in the midst of all the sadness.

Marissa helped prepare food for the open house, until she saw the big slabs of meat, and decided to put a little distance between herself and the meat.

Marissa came with me to Arizona since we were together while my parents were in India. At first I felt bad bringing her along, however, it couldn't have been more perfect. She took care of me when I bawled my eyes out when we missed our connecting flight and got stuck in Texas for the night. She also made TJ and Austin crack a smile every now and then. Especially when Marissa was so willing to help Austin prepare the meat for the open house...that is until she saw the huge slabs of meat! When she sat on the other side of the counter Austin asked her, "Hey! I thought you were helping me?" To which Marissa replied, "I was, until it got gross."

Marissa made a lovely video of photos in remembrance of Tom to show at the open house. We were happy to get it done just before the open house started.
I think her video made everyone cry, but it also made everyone laugh at reminders of fond memories they had with or about Tom. I also took some pictures after the memorial service at the church. 

Close family and friends who wore Tom's ties to the service. They had come over to pick them out of his closet the night before.
Austin and TJ with their cousins.


Wifey there to love and support hubby.

Pretty sign in book and flowers.

Some of the pictures we gathered from around the house to bring to the memorial service.
Getting to spend time with relatives we never get to see.

It may always just be known as "that week in Arizona" but hopefully TJ and his family will be able to remember some of the good that was mixed in with all the not so good.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm bawling. I'm so sorry to hear about TJs Dad. Too young, so sad. Sorry for your loss!

    1. Thanks Lisa for your sweet note. We appreciate it!


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