Special Visitor in Town

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Two weekends ago (yes I'm a little behind!), we had a special visitor in town. Can you guess who? Let me give you a few hints. In the past year or so this person has lost a lot of weight and looks amazing, has gone through some pretty tough trials, but somehow still has a smile on her face and acted like a true New Yorker while visiting. It's this pretty lady!

TJ's mom had a conference for work in Miami and figured since she was already on the east coast she may as well travel on up to visit us in NYC. It was a blast to have her here for a few days, even if the weather was rainy and we were each fighting a cold. I'll let the pictures tell the rest!

Passing through Grand Central enroute to TJ's office.

Seeing Life of Pi in 3D!

Visiting the 9/11 Memorial site.
At the 9/11 Memorial and checking out the new building.

Venturing out in the non-stop rain to check out the holiday street fair at Lincoln Circle.

In front of the Manhattan LDS Temple.

These lights were so cool! They changed colors and I absolutely loved them, hence the loner picture of me with the lights!

Good news. Kim and TJ decided the lights were cool too so they got in on the action with me!

The famous tree at Rockefeller Center.

A little rain never hurt anyone, especially if it helped cut down the crowds a little.
Happy Mom and son.

Happy to be together at Rockefeller Center seeing all the Christmas decor.

We love our first holiday season in New York City!


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