Last Minute Changes

Friday, December 21, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Last minute changes stress me out. Not in every situation, but definitely ones that involve travel plans. We are all jumbled up at this point with our holiday plans. I think we're down to Plan E at least. Let's hope Plan F isn't around the corner. I'm just ready to get somewhere and enjoy the holidays.

Christmas Banner: Our only Christmas decoration this year since our lovely tree is stuck in storage.
Plan C was looking pretty good, right up until last weekend, when TJ's work told him he had to change his vacation days less than a week before we had tickets to take off. No if's, and's or but's as they are willing to pay for both of our flight change fees so that TJ can be at work when they need him to be. That's great, but too bad our trip got cut in half and we have to leave 3 days earlier than I had originally planned on. I may or may not have presents for everyone yet, and definitely won't be getting a family Christmas card out this year. Forget it.

It took a few stressful days to get it all sorted out and the day finally arrives to leave. (This is when Plan D was officially a goner.) We woke up this morning to an email that our flight had been canceled today. Are you kidding me?! It has been automatically rescheduled for tomorrow night, so Arizona we will see you soon enough. But man, can we just get out of here already?!

Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope you have safe and stress-free travels. I may be a little jealous of you if you do.


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