Wedding Flowers

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

Early August I had the chance to play with flowers again. It was so fun! A cute friend from my parents ward in New Jersey got married and asked if I would help with the flowers.

Photo Credit: Chriz Ramiscal Photography
She ordered them online, had them shipped to my parents house, and I put a couple things together. 

There ended up being extra flowers so I put together a few vase arrangements for the food and drink table, sign-in table and other spots. I have to admit however, that although I used every last flower, I couldn't get myself to use hardly any of the babies breath. I am personally not a fan of the stuff, so it makes it hard for me to want to use it in anything.

Left Photo: Chriz Ramiscal Photography, Right Photos: My iPhone
Hopefully she was happy with them! It sure was fun to do and makes me wish I could do it more often. 

Photo Credits: Chriz Ramiscal Photography
On a side note... Before the wedding, my mom hosted a bridal shower for the bride as well. I was excited to try out another Pinterest craft by making these tissue balls to hang in the entryway. We thought they turned out so cute! I just wish the photo gave them justice. Weddings really are so fun!

Close up.
Flowers for the shower, all made from one bouquet my mom brought home from Sam's Club.


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