The Big 25

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. Whoa. As my dad likes to keep reminding me, "You're a quarter of a century old!" What is it that seems so old about 25? Perhaps it's because most people usually guess I'm younger than I actually am. The guesses usually come in around 21, so I told TJ that I will just keep turning 21 each year until the guesses start getting higher.

The sign on our fridge when I got home Monday afternoon. I guess he listened when I said I would just keep turning 21 every year!

This year my birthday seemed to roll around so fast! Where has the time gone? I spent the weekend with my family, where they took me out to dinner Saturday night and made me feel like it was my birthday all week long. Sunday I got to open my presents. Monday (my actual birthday) I was woken up by Marissa and some of her friends as they sang Happy Birthday as loud as they could outside my bedroom door. I got out of bed, went to open the door and had balloons they had secured between bags and the door fell onto me as I opened the door. It was really cute. My mom made me cinnamon rolls and a smoothie to top my morning off. 

Sorry for the poor lighting and blurry dinner pictures, but man look at Marissa's plate! Those ribs were bigger than she is, and somehow she ate over half of it. Yummy.
My lovely parents treating me to a great birthday dinner.
The aftermath of the balloons outside my door.

As afternoon rolled around I packed up my stuff and got on the train to head home to Manhattan, in hopes that hubby would be able to get off work at some point and see me for my birthday. Luckily as 8:30PM rolled around he told me to get ready because he was on his way home to take me out. Wahoo! We jumped in a taxi and went out to dinner at Isabelle's, the place he had taken me over three years ago before he proposed to me. It was lovely and romantic with delicious food and a candle-lit room. I loved every minute of it.
Birthday Dinner!

So romantic.

Of course we had to order my favorite dessert. Chocolate brownie sundae topped with candied pecans. 

This birthday made me reflect on previous 20-something birthdays. What do you think? Have I changed, or am I still forever 21?

My Grandma always took me out every year while I lived in Utah to Olive Garden for my birthday celebration.  It was a pretty great tradition that I definitely missed having this year.

Okay. Technically not my actual birthday that year, but for some reason I couldn't find any pictures on my computer from that day so I had to pick one that was the next closest.


  1. V-woman,
    1- Brian calls me "wifey" too!! haha!
    2- Cute idea to take pictures on your birthdays to see how you've changed.
    3- That brownie dessert thing looks amazing and I think I need one now! seriously.
    4- Happy Birthday! 25 is pretty old, I feel like there should be some special responsibility assigned when you turn 25. Just think, in 5 more years we will be 30!!! Now that is WEIRD!

  2. Just adorable! I think you are beautiful in all of your pictures! Happy Birthday! (We call each other wifey and hubby, too). Love it. :)


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