A Week As My Mom's Side-Kick

Friday, September 14, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

My mom has always been Wonder Woman. She does everything, for anyone, at any time. This week I have really gotten the chance to see what a normal day consists of for my mom as of late. Although she technically only has one kid left at home, she is as busy as ever!

It's been a somewhat unexpected week for me as I came home last weekend with hubby, expecting two days of weekend fun, that has now turned into a week of Jersey fun for me.

Mid-day Sunday TJ's blackberry started going off like crazy with news that he was going to have to go to work later that day. Yep, it somewhat ruined our two-day weekend fun plan. He left NJ after dinner with the missionaries and my family, and headed straight to the office on Sunday night. Who has to do that?! Anyway, at that point I figured I might as well stay with my family since my only other option was returning to our little apartment in the city to sit by myself and stare at the wall or watch TV for hours on end.

Staying an extra day soon turned into one more day, and then one more day, and now here it is Friday and I'm still here! I feel so lucky to live so close to my family so that I can spend time here more often. However, it has been sad to have my husband call me each day and say "maybe you better stay one more day because I'm going to be working all night again."

I think it gives him a little more peace of mind knowing that I am with my family, rather than home alone in our apartment wondering what time he will come home from work.

So although this week has been the pits for hubby working until 2:00 or 4:00AM each night, I have enjoyed helping my mom around the house with little projects, shopping, taking Marissa to dance class and listening to her high school stories, being amazed at how often the phone rings around here with people needing things or help from my mom and most of all, missing my husband.
One project has been to relocate all of the scrapbook supplies to what us girls hope to make a craft room, rather than video game room. Both boys off to college means the girls are taking over!
This might be too cheesy, but I seriously can't wait to kiss his hard-working face again!


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