Weekend Wanderings

Monday, July 23, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 3 Comments

Weekend Wanderings.

Friday night I asked TJ what he wanted to for the weekend (only our second weekend in the city since we have spent the other half in NJ) and he said, "As long as I get to sleep in tomorrow, I'm good."

So...I started to search for what to go do...and got totally overwhelmed. There are too many options! I decided on the Hester Street Fair, gave the address to TJ since he is usually better at figuring out how to get us places, and we were off. Forty-five minutes later we arrived at the Hester Street Fair. Ten minutes after that, we had walked slowly though the entire fair and were looking at each other with that face that says, "okay what's next?"

So it wasn't really our thing, not to mention it was incredibly small. Since we were already out and about, we decided to start walking, and a couple blocks later found ourselves in China Town and Little Italy. We had no idea we were even close, but it turned out great since the weather was wonderful and those streets are fun to walk down. 

All that walking around made us realize how hungry we were. So, somehow we ended up at Shake Shack (again). 

On Sunday, you can see TJ was happily waiting for the bus when I proposed the idea of just walking to church. He hesitated a little before agreeing (since he doesn't love walking as much as I do) but he was fine once he realized it only took us about fifteen minutes from our apartment. To wrap up our lovely weekend wanderings, I whipped out the crockpot and made dinner. I think TJ was secretly just happy to have dinner and to not have to wander around the city to get it!


  1. Can I tell you how jealous I am that you get to live in New York!! Seriously, that is so awesome!! I've always wanted to live there!!

    1. Who knew we would end up here??!! So far we are really enjoying it. Thanks Alyssa!

  2. Way fun!! I am glad I get to keep up with you guys! Hey Matt told me TJ sent your number but keeps forgetting to give it to me! ha so here is mine- 480.735.4732

    I would love to hang out! There is a fun group of girls down here that like to do things every now and then and I would love it if you came, if you wanted to!:)


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