Now You See Me, Now You Don't!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

When we moved in last week two obvious things were missing in our apartment.

First Missing Item: The toilet seat
Problem: Makes using the restroom a little tricky when you feel like you have to squat so you don't fall in
Why: We really had no idea. At this point after going through the apartment search process, we came to learn that in the city anything goes, so don't be surprised if something isn't included in the monthly rent, every little thing will cost you, etc.
Fix: I happened to mention the toilet seat issue to our doorman when I came in the next night. He laughed (and yes I felt dumb that we had seriously starting thinking that the toilet seat wasn't included) and told me that we should definitely have a toilet seat so that he would get a service request in for us right away. The next morning George the Handyman showed up with a brand new seat and all was well again.

Second Missing Item: No blinds or window coverings
Problem: Everyone and their dog could see in at me, especially at night
Why: There are holes in the window frame, so whoever lived here before must have taken their blinds with them. Who does that? How do you know they will fit in the next place you live?
Fix: A trip to Home Depot.
(Side Note: They have the coolest Home Depot here in Manhattan! TJ told me that next time I need to go, I must take him because he doesn't want to miss out. If you come visit we will take you there to see how awesome it is for yourself. TJ was so impressed with the handle they made us to carry home on the bus.) 

We bought the cheapest vinyl blinds they had and took them home for a little DIY experience. We had them up in no time and are happy to have them for a little privacy!

Now you see me.....Now you don't!


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