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Well, it's official. TJ is now a graduate from BYU!

Last week was so awesome. Not just because we are DONE with school (at least for now) but we had family in-town, and I had a couple days off work! We kicked off the celebration with a lovely dinner at Tucanos since my dad was in Provo for one night only.

The first day of graduation was commencement where the entire graduating class is all together in the Marriott Center. Dallin H. Oaks was the main speaker and I realized just how lucky we have been at BYU to get to listen to apostles, and other church leaders, on such a regular basis.

Afterwards, we had a fun little party at our place where we stuffed ourselves with chicken tacos and adorable fruit cupcakes. 

The second day of graduation was convocation with just the business school. TJ was happy to represent the finance emphasis and walk across the stage.

The funniest thing was trying to call TJ to figure out where he was sitting during both of the ceremonies. The first day I called him and he said, "I'm standing up waving my hands in the air!" I guess he wasn't looking around to notice that's what every other person in the stadium was doing as well. The next day he was better at being a little more descriptive!

We also snapped a few photos of TJ and his school buddies.

Other than the actual graduation ceremonies we just had a lot of fun hanging out with his parents who had come up from Arizona, whether it was going out to eat, eating in, watching movies, chatting, enjoying the beautiful weather, golfing, shopping at the new City Creek in Salt Lake, or even a late-night IHOP run. 

We also mixed in a little of my mom who came from New Jersey, my Grandma who was so sweet to come to convocation and the after-party at Texas Roadhouse, and Tyson and Kayla at different ceremonies and events.

Such a proud family to have their oldest son reach another milestone!

Overall, it was great. It is so crazy that this undergraduate school phase is now over for us. At the same time it's a relief. I was starting to get a little antsy to move on to something and somewhere new. Provo has been really good to us during this student-phase of our lives but I think we are ready for a new adventure.

Congratulations TJ Stone!

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