RIP Little MacBook

Sunday, November 20, 2011 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

So it's been a sad couple of weeks. My wonderful little white MacBook has died. At least I think it pretty much has. Here is what happens when I try to turn it on.

It's been struggling so this didn't really come as a surprise, especially because it has done so well for me over the past 5+ years. I think I finally just overloaded it with WAY too much information, photos, music, etc.

I have had to use either my iPhone (which is nice but not when I get tired of looking at a small screen) or ask my hubby to let me borrow his laptop between his homework sessions. It's just not the same. I think TJ actually feels bad and is starting to understand that I just need a Mac computer, so I'm working on talking him into getting me a new one, but we will have to see about that. (Too bad they're more pricey--but sooooo worth it!)

For now his PC will have to be enough to get the job done.


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