Thanksgiving Break 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 TJ & Vanessa 1 Comments

This year for Thanksgiving break we headed down to ARIZONA to spend time with TJ's family. It was actually the first time that TJ and I have driven to AZ together. I guess we usually fly, so it was kinda fun to take such a long road trip together. Here is a summary of our quick Thanksgiving break.
1. Drove part-way to stay the night in St. George with my Grandparents. They have a cute home down there so we stopped by for dinner and chatting. It was nice to break up the long drive by staying the night in St. George.
2. We made it to AZ just before TJ had Trevor's bachelor party that night. The boys all went off and had fun at the Sun's game, and who knows what else, while I helped his mom get ready for Thanksgiving dinner the next day.
3. THANKSGIVING! We ate lots of food and relaxed with the Stone family and a couple relatives. It was great but still kinda hard not to be with my own family on the holidays. We did horrible at taking pictures so unfortunately I only have a couple coming up, but none from Thanksgiving. Bummer.

4. We did a little Black Friday shopping, and it wasn't my idea if you can believe that! TJ really wanted to go to the Outlet Malls, which opened at 10:00 pm so we bundled up and went at midnight. It was fun and spontaneous and TJ got a couple great shirts at a sweet deal. It was just weird to be around all these other people shopping at 1 in the morning. We felt pretty FUN and spontaneous.

5. The last two days had a lot to do with Trevor and Kathryn's wedding. It was so fun to see them get hitched and everything turned out fabulous! TJ was so excited to have his best friend get married. We helped with the family/friend dinner the night before, and then showed up at the temple to be a part of their sealing. It was special for us, because it was about 1 year ago that we were in the same place getting married in the Mesa Temple. We are so EXCITED for them and think they make an awesome couple!

6. The drive back to Utah was one of the most stressful driving trips I have ever had. It started out great and was fine until we got just past St. George and then the snow started and was HORRIBLE! It was also really crowded since it was Sunday evening and everyone was heading home from Thanksgiving break. We saw lots of cars that slid off the road and we were slipping and sliding too so it was STRESSFUL. We made it back at 2am and were never happier to get home than we were that night. I'm just so grateful that we made it back safely but it sure lead to a crazy, busy week that followed.

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