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So I am having one of those days where I feel overwhelmed with everything I have to get done by the end of the week. What do I do then? Blog, eat more snacks, check facebook, check emails, read PR related articles, and the works. It seems ironic, doesn't it? When I really should be using my time wisely to get the most important things done first, I am procrastinating with other things that sound more fun.

This Habit = Major Problem

So I am writing a post to encourage myself to stop procrastinating now and get to work. After all, I only have about 1 month of my college career left so I think I can work hard for just a little longer. I promise not to check Facebook, emails, blogs, etc the rest of today. (Okay when I say today I mean until it's time to watch Glee tonight. lol)

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! I have a huge test tomorrow and a 15 page paper due Thursday but somehow I've found time to search black friday ads, read lots of blogs and check my email and facebook multiple times today! I even went to the grocery store and made a fancy dinner which I haven't done for the past couple of weeks. Haha. How do we make it stop? I guess the good news it that it will be over soon!


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