Friends Graduation Parties and Bridal Shower

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

So I had quite a few friends graduating this semester which is really exciting for all of them. It made me that much more excited to be done this upcoming December, but I still have to keep plugging away at school until then! Here are some pictures from Tasha's and Rachel's graduation parties that happened a few weeks ago but that I am just getting around to blogging about.

My co-worker Kayleen also had her bridal shower this same week. It was definitely a week packed with little parties! Here are some pictures of most of my co-workers at her shower!


  1. 1. Those pictures of us are kinda ridiculous! But I love them anyway!!! :)
    2. You didn't tell me you went to Carlos's Bakery!!! I love Buddy and that show. Its like my dream to go there...
    3. Tell TJ when I come back in August we will watch a Netflix. :D

  2. Haha! Yeah these pictures make me laugh for sure. They really are quite typical for us! I told TJ your third point and his response was "YES!" What a goob!


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