5 Month Anniversary!

Thursday, April 22, 2010 TJ & Vanessa 1 Comments

Wow! We've been married for 5 months now! I kinda feel like it was just the other week that I was having the time of my life in Cancun on our honeymoon.

So here is my goofy Top 5 Best Things that Happened during the 5th month of our marriage.
1. The crazy semester finally came to an end, so now we can start having a little more time for fun things :)
2. TJ found me one night in bed wearing his clothes, which I haven't done yet. He told me I was a goob, but I think he thought it was cute to see me snuggled in bed in his clothes.
3. We both have internships set for the summer.
4. I got a new haircut and color, which made TJ decide that he has "the sexiest wife ever"
5. I set a reminder on TJ's cell phone about a week ago to have an alarm go off this morning to remind him it was our 5 month anniversary. It went off while he was on campus so he sent me a text saying "Happy 5 Month Anniversary!" I was at work and thought it was the cutest thing ever that he remembered. I was so happy all day that he had remembered our anniversary. It wasn't until later tonight that he joked about having a reminder when I realized that I WAS THE ONE WHO PUT THAT REMINDER in his phone, but had forgotten that I did so. haha. He thinks it's hilarious that I set the reminder and then forgot that I did. He almost got away with looking like he remembered!

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  1. Haha. That is too funny! Good job for remembering TJ!!!


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