6 Month Anniversary!

Friday, May 21, 2010 TJ & Vanessa 2 Comments

Wow! Have we already been married for 6 months?!?! Time is flying but, I know that both of us are so excited that it is finally summer. Getting married during the fall semester was a little hectic and then it seemed like we just had to jump right into the next semester. It is so great that it is summertime now and that we have more time to do fun things together.

For example, tomorrow we get to leave for our summer vacation to go see my family and have fun in the east coast! Yea!

Being married is such a wonderful adventure and every morning I wake up I realize I am the luckiest girl to get to be married to my sweetheart.


  1. Congrats!! :) Did you save part of your cake for your 1-yr anniversary? :)

  2. haha. No we didn't save it. We got married in Arizona and then went straight to our honeymoon in Cancun, and then from there went back to Utah so I don't know how cake would have survived all of that traveling!


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