2 Month Wedding Anniversary!

Thursday, January 21, 2010 TJ & Vanessa 1 Comments

We have been MARRIED for 2 months now! It's funny that such a little thing is so exciting, but it really just is. I love my husband and have loved this adventure so far of starting our new lives together. We had a much better second month and so I'm sure that things will just keep getting better in ways I can't even imagine or understand now.

Some of the funny things that have happened or that we have learned in our 2 months of marriage:
*We love to think that we are great shoppers at Costco and Walmart, which helps save us money
*We still love having Taco Tuesdays and smoothies at least once a week. We are professionals, so if you even are craving a Taco or a yummy smoothie you better come over
*We have learned to laugh at the silly things that bug each other. For example, the other night TJ asked if I could go in another room to do homework because I was "writing" too loud! haha. Three seconds later, he was laughing at what he had just said to me
*Neither of us are good at waking up in the morning to our alarm
*We love our space heater and are convinced that it is somehow going to save us money on the gas bill
*We are actually really good at sitting down and eating dinner together almost every night
*I actually enjoy doing laundry now and have done it every week since we got married. TJ just always seems so grateful and thanks me a million times for washing his clothes, and I love hearing him tell me thanks! For those of you who know me...this is a big deal....I used to only do laundry once every couple weeks. My mom should be proud!
*Most of all, we are falling more and more in love, and coming closer and closer together.

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  1. You guys are, and have always been, the cutest couple ever! I'm so glad that we are friends!


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