Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Friday, June 07, 2013 TJ & Vanessa 0 Comments

It was a wet/windy/rainy walk home today. I walked right past this abandoned umbrella, got about 10 steps, then paused and slowly turned around to look back at it. Is it weird that I retraced my steps just to take this picture? For some reason, I kinda felt like this umbrella today. Blown inside-out from gusty winds.

Maybe it was just a long week at work. Maybe it was that I had the weirdest subway ride experience ever this morning? Maybe it was that I witnessed my first car crash in NYC (that occurred in the crosswalk I had just ventured about 20 steps from before collision - talk about a close one). Maybe it was that TJ and I thought we were going to look at a great apartment to potentially move into next month, only to have the typical New York broker experience where it's a completely different floor plan, building, square footage, price, etc. then they had communicated via multiple email exchanges. Maybe it's the rainy weather. Maybe it's the fact that I'm still waiting for my husband to come home from work at 10:00pm on a Friday night.

Whatever it is, no wonder seeing this umbrella on my walk home made me stop. We have a couple things in common today. It's days like this where I'm like...yeah...if we can make it here, we can DEFINITELY make it anywhere!


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